Hi there, I’m Jenn! Thanks for stumbling upon this little blog, which currently seems to hold older entries though is slowly but surely becoming a home for new reflections from this season of life as a wife, mom, and pastor.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Joy Photography

I call Nashville, TN home with my incredible husband, Scott, wild toddler, Aiden, and soon-to-be second child due in October. I am on staff full-time at Christ Church Nashville, where I am an ordained pastor and serve as the Worship Leader and Assistant Missions Director. My husband and I get the honor of serving together at our church, where he is the Youth Pastor, so our kids get a double whammy of being pastor’s kids! 😉

We are in the midst of navigating being full-time working parents while also having a young family, and life is definitely full, though we would not trade it for the world! I have a deep passion for serving the church locally and globally as a lead-worshiper and teaching the Word of God in hopefully an engaging, practical, and life-giving way.

Thanks again for finding your way to this blog – I hope you enjoy wandering through these musings.

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  1. Great job on the blog Jenn! I’m so proud of you and your servant’s heart. I wish you and Scott nothing but the best!

  2. Glad to have found your blog! Love finding other women worship leaders..who happen to love to travel! My husband is currently going to Liberty online, too, studying to be a Christian counselor.

  3. Hi Jenn, I just found out your mum is Sandy Patti! Her songs and singing encouraged me a lot especially during my early years in Christ in the – hold your breath – 80s and early 90s. I still have her cassettes – yes, those tapes wound up in tiny rollers in a plastic box. It’s not too difficult to see your mum’s support and nurture in in your meaningful upbringing. I wish I have that but then we each are different and unique. I have to figure out a good deal with the guidance of the Lord and sometimes without.
    Keep on sharing and doing good there, Jenn.

  4. Jenn,
    I have followed your mom’s music for several years and read her book and learned about you and your siblings through her, though I never knew what you guys did after you grew up. For some reason, your tweet popped up on my twitter today and led me here and all I can say is, WOW! I read through some of your blogs and looked at photos and it is so evident that God is using you in multiple ways. I am a young person myself, in my 20s, finishing up college and I have dreams and ambitions that I hope God allows me to carry out one day. I am inspired by your words and actions that you have shared here. I pray God’s continuing blessings on you and your ministries and I believe that He has an unbelievable pathway laid out before you and that it will be great!!! Blessings to you!

  5. Hi Jenn,
    I met you last night in Belleville, IL at your mom’s concert. I stumbled on your blog when a guy posted a question on a pic my husband posted of last night’s concert. The guy asked if your mom had a son named Biff. I didn’t think so, but I googled Biff Helvering and found you. Not only do you
    sing beautifully, you also write beautifully.

    I called my pastor ‘s wife (I’m the one who has the pastor who is from India) and shared India Gospel Leagye with her. She is so excited . When I shared our little guy we began sponsoring last night, she said he may be from the same area of India my pastor is from! I guess I will find out Sunday when I see them and share all the info on the organization with them.

    You are a very sweet and gifted young woman. God bless you.


    P.S. I sent my friend that lives in Nashville a text telling her about your church!

  6. Hi Jenn,

    I watch the live streaming each week of services and I thought I would let you know that your efforts, message and example are heard across the world in Australia!! Your passion for the Lord is evident in every note you sing and every word you say, and you are inspirational to me, as I am sure you are to many others. (I don’t know who the ‘piano man’ is but he is an amazing musician too!!)

    Keep up your efforts .. We hope to get to Nashville sometime soon so we can join in what we watch each week!!!

    1. Cate,

      I cannot express how much your words have meant to me today. Thank you for the encouragement!! Please let me know if you are ever in Nashville!! I do hope to return to Australia in the near future 🙂


      PS – I will be sure to pass your words onto the ‘piano man’ also known as Christopher Philips – although he will love that he was referenced as the ‘piano man!’

      Much love

  7. Hi Jenn,
    I also ‘accidentally’ found your blog through the links on the BBC news website… and I get the impression that if we ever cross paths we will be friends. It’s beautiful to see Jesus shining through your words as He uses your life to touch many others.
    May God bless you richly!

    1. I love how God works in allowing us to stumble upon different things! Thank you so much for your kind words – I bet we would be friends if our paths ever cross. 🙂 After the BBC article, I have prayed that those who found their way to these pages would be encouraged by seeing someone who is attempting to live this relationship with Jesus in an authentic way – in no way am I perfect or do I have the most profound things to say, but I am just taking a step at a time and learning much along the way.

      Hope all is well wherever you are! Many blessings!

    1. Hi Matthew,

      That actually was me. Thank you so very much for your kind words regarding that report. I have never spoken on a news source prior to this, and it all spawned today from a photo I took from the tornado devastation in Indiana. I am quite honored that the BBC trusted me as a credible eyewitness, 🙂 and yet my heart still absolutely breaks for those whose lives were completely uprooted today!

      Thanks again for the encouragement – many blessings to you and yours!

  8. Hi Jenn, I stumbled on your blog and tweeter a few months back and I’m amazed at your aspirations, hopes and mission – all for the Lord. I appreciate your candor, joie de vivre in Christ and sincerity in sharing with fellow Christians (or those you know) and the world. I’m stating this in particular of the fractured world of Christians in churches mistreated by pastors and reverends. They are happening in where I lived. So when I read your experiences, like balm of Gilead, I felt relieved and more forgiving of all those ills caused by spiritual leaders in the churches here. So, thank you Jenn.

    PS: since you travelled alot, if you ever do plan to come to Malaysia, let me know; I’d be happy to show you around.


    1. John,

      You have no idea how much your comment has meant to me!! Thank you!!! And hopefully the Lord will allow me to go to Malaysia at some point.


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