“To wherever it may lead…”

So here I am – starting a blog – never, ever though I would enter the blogging world, but alas, the time has come.  Truthfully, I haven’t even read many blogs, and I’m kind of jumping in blind.  So you (if anyone actually reads this – ha) may be wondering why on earth I decided to take on a blog – and frankly, I’m not fully sure – after several people suggested it, I kind of thought, “Why not?”

As I embark on this new journey of speaking on the Revolve Tour, I really want to make myself accessible to you girls, and thought this could be a means for that – if you happen to stumble upon this page – to have a place to be completely open and honest – share everything from what God is teaching me on a daily basis, to random stories, to fun videos or pictures – to be able to dive a bit deeper than the few hours we get together on Revolve, which will be amazing this year by the way     : )

But perhaps underlying all of these things is this unction to go deeper with God – and I feel He is calling me to do this blog to challenge me – to view things with new eyes, so I can write about them – to get real – to hopefully come to a greater understanding of who I am as I see the ponderings in my head written –  to lay myself out there for you Revolve girls, to hopefully help you see that we are not that different, that we have many of the same struggles and questions, and you are not alone on this journey.

So here I am – starting a blog – trusting that for some reason I don’t fully understand, it is what I need to do – for myself above all – not in some self-indulgent way with this desire for people to know who I am – but solely to be faithful to the challenges listed above.

As J.R.R. Tolkein says, “To wherever it may lead…”

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