There are moments in which we are overcome by feelings of inadequacy, unable to live up to the expectations placed upon us – expectations we may have placed on ourselves, but nevertheless, something always feels to be missing – or we are so overcome with the lies that they are the only ‘truth’ we can see through our clouded eyes and weary hearts – desperately longing to be seen, known, to trust someone, to have someone love us – truly, as we are, where we are – as a girl, there is also a deep sense of desperately needing to feel pursued despite all odds – to trust that the walls of fear will no longer paralyze us because we know that there is one with whom we can trust our hearts, our dreams, our passions, our desire, our story, our pain, our fear, our questions – that we will finally be known despite not knowing ourselves, and somehow through this, we will learn who we truly are – we long for You to come and ‘break these chains’ which at times we can hardly identify – our only rest can come when we finally hear Your voice, Your truth, Your heart – that You are for us, that we are Seen. Loved. Known. Pursued. Desired. Free. Accepted. Cherished. Wanted. Worthy. – Beloved.

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