The Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tams

Arguably one of the best things I learned to do while in Australia was – the one – the only – TIM TAM SLAM!!!

A Tim Tam is a ‘biscuit’ (cookie) that is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate (the legit definition from wikipedia!). On it’s own, it is pretty phenomenal, however, once you learn to do a Tim Tam slam, you will never go back!

How does one do a Tim Tam slam? Well, you take one of the delicious biscuits and bite off the opposite corners. Then you get your favorite hot drink – coffee, hot tea, or hot water works if that’s all you’ve got on hand – and fill it to the top of a cup. You have to do this next step very quickly. All at once, you will put one of the bitten ends into the hot drink and use the other end like a straw – again, you have move quickly or it will fall apart in your hands because as the liquid goes through the biscuit, the inside begins to melt – as soon as you taste the drink, put the whole Tim Tam in your mouth – and be prepared for your life to change!!! No joke – it is pretty much amazing! The only sad thing is that Tim Tams are a bit hard to find in the States – but some stores have them, and it is worth the hunt!

Enjoy : )

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