Watch with Him

As I must complete all writing and begin memorizing my Revolve talk today – I was searching for a place that was equally tranquil and life-giving with inspiration – I decided to venture into our backyard and found the most perfect spot under a tree, slightly shaded, looking onto the quiet street on which we live. The weather is now the perfect balance between the fall chill that was felt this morning and the warmth of a summer morning – The wind is gently blowing causing the leaves to dance gracefully onto the ground from the limbs to which they have clung for months. Behind me, the birds softly sing their song while the rest of nature joins in this symphony of grace.

This morning, I was reading in My Utmost for His Highest, and the challenge was from Matthew, where Jesus said “Watch with Me” – Chambers was explaining that we find ourselves more often than not watching FOR Him, or being aware that HE is watching with US – but He has really called US to watch WITH HIM – to watch with Him during our troubles, during our everyday lives, during the joys, during the times of confusion where we can’t seem to feel or see Him – but to watch with Him – watch with Him as He unveils His revelation, His heart, His plan for us, His plan for our world. That challenge hit me hard, and as I prepare for Revolve, truthfully feeling inadequate and a bit fearful that it will not come together – I am watching WITH Him – watching with Him as His heart breaks and dreams for this generation of teen girls – watch with Him as He is revealing Himself through some willing servants to speak His truth – watching with Him as He stirs a generation of change

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