let’s try this again…

Well it turns out the daily quotes did not prove as successful as I had hoped : ) But I am now back in the swing of things and just allowing blog posts to come as they come – there may be times I need to establish a routine of daily writing – but one thing I have been exploring about myself is my relentless struggle to just be – so much of my life has been caught up in feeling the need to achieve some unnecessary expectation that ends up leaving me crippled with the fear of failure that I never take the first step – and somehow this blog became that to me – I was so fearful that what I would say wasn’t enough – profound enough, humorous enough, updated enough, enlightened enough, inspired enough…

I know this all may sound a bit ridiculous – but with that said, this is my attempt to simply be – to take the baby step in my life with this small little blog and allow it to be whatever it needs to be on that day of unexpected inspiration – to not put any restrictions on the random thoughts that spill onto these electronic pages – to begin to stop worrying about whether or not I’m a good writer or if others care to read my ramblings or if I’m doing this blog thing the right way, but to stop taking it so seriously and just be…and perhaps this small allowance will lead to greater freedoms in other areas of my life…

so let’s try this again…and I would love for you to continue to journey with me as I find my way and find my voice

2 thoughts on “let’s try this again…

  1. This is beautiful. Took the time this morning to read your blog posts. You are so wise for so young. This post particularly spoke to me as I completely relate. This whole year of healing, of not being able to walk, and having had 4 surgeries has been such an interesting time for me. And what has been really profound is that I had a hard time just doing this whole thing “MY WAY”, and not someone’s else’s expectations. I kept thinking I’m not doing this right, I need to rest more, I need to get up more, I need to eat more protein, I need to read this, or read that while i”m down, so and so would have been up by now, I need to learn to BE in a perfect way. I am laughing, because I was trying to be the BEST BE’er there is. Even trying to find perfectionism in BEING. and then something just happened, it was like I was so whippped, so exhausted, so physically ;and emotionally exhausted that I literally laid it all down. And gave it up. EXACTLY what you are saying. Thank you for your honesty and for your transparency. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to BE. Much love, Aunti Carolyn

  2. glad i “stumbled upon this”…because i completely relate. i will most definitely continue to journey with you as we are both figuring stuff out at our different seasons of life :]

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