Our tears can be a release…

Our tears can be a release.

What a beautiful picture. That those very tears – the deep cry that comes from your belly and leaves you breathless – that ache that somehow overwhelms what you thought you understood… that that would be a release – not a release to allow those emotions to overwhelm you and spin you faster and faster into the web of confusion – but a release to be enveloped by the One who has “hemmed us in” as we acknowledge those very emotions and breathless circumstances that could overtake us if left bottled inside.

And we speak the honesty of our present condition into those everlasting arms with the (sometimes faintest) trust in the One who gently woos us with the promise, “I have you – I didn’t ask you to go through this alone – I am here…”

And somehow, only after we have allowed ourselves to drop the armor of our stubbornness and stand before Him with nothing but our unguarded tears – He allows that release to come – that release to know deeper parts of pain than we had expected, deeper parts of our hearts than we had known we must discover, deeper parts of the grip on our own control onto which we desperately held in this false sense of security that in turn He knew was inhibiting our true intended freedom – and in that, a deeper connectedness to Him and the brokenness that in fact is the very thing which unites our now tender hearts to each other.

And those tears lead to a release which deepens us and allows the page to be turned to a new chapter of joy and freedom and life to the full.

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe” -Joanna Macy

2 thoughts on “Our tears can be a release…

  1. Eloquently written. “Blessed are you”… who can scribe the feelings of others. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Jenn.

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