waiting, silence, darkness – child of weakness, watch and pray

This day - this day between the burial and the resurrection - this day where lingering hope must have felt stifled, where unanswered questions overwhelmed, where darkness seemed to envelop, where life must have stilled, where grief dominated and silence was impenetrable. Last night, our Good Friday service walked through the final words of Christ [...]

No Longer Outside the Wall

No Longer Outside the Wall

a Holy Week devotional adapted from a homily I presented at my church on Maundy Thursday 2013... Each year of my childhood, my church would offer a Maundy Thursday service where they also held the traditional Jewish Seder meal in celebration of Passover.  Honestly I tried to concoct many clever excuses in my early years [...]

Stones of Remembrance

The new journal is purchased - a must for any of my trips - and promise seems to fill me as I leaf through the pages that will soon be filled with unforseen struggle and hopes fulfilled, joys, tears, questions, passion, prayers, aches, revelation, deepening, etc. And yet, there is a piece of me that [...]

El Roi and Ragamuffins

Sometimes there are truths that do touch you at first, but as they settle into the soil of your soul, they penetrate far beyond what you expected upon first reading or experiencing said truth. Such is the case for me during an in-depth Bible Study on the Patriarchs. So often I have passed over the [...]