Sierra Leone – on story and song

Tayll Ahm Taynkee, Tayll Ahm. Tayll Papa Gohd Taynkee. What He Do Fah Me, I Go Tayll Ahm Taynkee. Only a few short weeks ago, I was sitting with my family in a dusty room with faded paint, which could not contain life and hope from radiating inside its walls. It was here, in this [...]

Japan – Nightingale floors, Steve Jobs, and singing as one

Japan – Nightingale floors, Steve Jobs, and singing as one

(my post on our team's blog from Wednesday, September 5th) As the hum of laughter and conversation (and sleep) fills the bus tonight on our way back to Kyoto from Osaka, my mind begins to dance through the moments of this full and rich day. The unique tune of the famous “Nightingale Floor” of Nijo [...]

dress down your pretty faith

Over the past few months, and especially within the last week, a specific theme has been driving the undercurrent of my thoughts, woven in songs and books and class discussions and dialogues with friends... revealing a greater depth through each new medium, yet pulsing with the same beat.  Perhaps Sara Groves (to no surprise) sums [...]

Stones of Remembrance

The new journal is purchased - a must for any of my trips - and promise seems to fill me as I leaf through the pages that will soon be filled with unforseen struggle and hopes fulfilled, joys, tears, questions, passion, prayers, aches, revelation, deepening, etc. And yet, there is a piece of me that [...]

distressing disguise

One of my closest friends and mentors, who also has an affinity for quotes, shared this Mother Teresa quote with me many years ago (emphasis mine)... loving as He loves helping as He helps giving as He gives serving as He serves rescuing as He recues touching Him in His distressing disguise However I didn't [...]

Beirut – January 13, 2011

(Realized this post has been sitting in my drafts for months - whoops - haha) I've never been in a race car; however, the sensation must be similar to what we experienced today with Sammy Andretti, as Kimberly has accurately named our dear Sammy 🙂 Although there were a few more near-death experiences while travelling [...]