Beirut – January 11, 2011

The boys were hard at work all day on the studio, and as of tonight, it is nearly finished!!!

It has been such a great process getting to witness a studio being built from nothing but a bare white walled room.  Once all of the wires were connected, John Walters christened the room as he does every time he builds a studio – by blaring some James Taylor!!  (To which Sammy, the guy waving in the last picture, began busting out some serious dance moves!! ha)  The guys will be putting the finishing touches on it this week (and of course there will be pics of the final product) and training people to whom they will be handing the reigns when we depart on Monday.

We decided to go explore downtown Beirut tonight, which was quite different than I had thought it would be.  Once we got to the heart of the city, I was wondering if we had stepped back into Paris for a moment as swanky shops of coutre designers and high-end looking restaurants lined the streets.  However, seeing military men on every corner brought me back to reality a bit.  But it was fun getting to walk around the downtown area a bit, and then John picked our dinner location – sadly I did not satisfy my hummus and tabbouleh craving, and we went to T.G.I. Friday’s (Friday’s in Beirut! ha) – but Kimberly and I thought that the boys deserved their choice of American food after a long day of working – and we knew we would get back to our Eat, Pray, Love feasting tomorrow 😉

I cannot wait for our day tomorrow as we are heading to Sidon and Tyre – this will be the first time I will have ever been in a place where Jesus would have walked!  So it is time to turn in, and I will hopefully get to share many great stories and photos tomorrow!!

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