reflections from a midnight talk at sea

These words found their way onto a napkin while drifting to the tune of the lulling rhythm of the sea on a cruise with my family (the view shown in the following picture) – the night prior, my seven siblings and I made our way to the top deck blanketed with the open sky of endless stars and had one of those rare, unguarded, life-giving dialogues that cannot be planned – our family has been through much over the years – our story includes deep sorrow and pain, but now the threads of redemption are coloring our lives in a way I could have never expected, and that can only be explained by the grace of God…

(reflections from a midnight talk at sea)

Eight siblings finding themselves in the middle of the sea gathered together in a circle that is uniquely their own

Beginning to peel back the layers of the sometimes carefully and meticulously constructed exteriors that have served as a ‘protection’ even from each other

Trying to stay engaged and yet there is no previous example of this from which to pull

As if a soft echo blows about the the very wind rocking the water below – whispering “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” in such a way that is not communicated audibly but somehow felt deep within (Isaiah 43:19)

The gift of being disconnected from the responsibilities and uncertainties of the life awaiting us when we return – and the attempt to silence the voices spinning us into worry about those very uncertainties as we try and remain present in this unforseen holy moment

A rare moment of transparency with those who are irrevecobly woven into our story

The somehow unspoken agreement that we will no longer go through the motions and simply play our part (the role given to us or the one personally constructed)

But the conscious choice to be – to be present and engaged and navigate this foreign way together

2 thoughts on “reflections from a midnight talk at sea

  1. Jenn,
    WOW!! Thanks for sharing! Your family is such interacted weaved that it is amazing! So, glad that you all were able to share in this special moment of being in the presences of each other and the almighty God! 🙂

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