waiting, silence, darkness – child of weakness, watch and pray

This day - this day between the burial and the resurrection - this day where lingering hope must have felt stifled, where unanswered questions overwhelmed, where darkness seemed to envelop, where life must have stilled, where grief dominated and silence was impenetrable. Last night, our Good Friday service walked through the final words of Christ [...]

Sierra Leone – on story and song

Tayll Ahm Taynkee, Tayll Ahm. Tayll Papa Gohd Taynkee. What He Do Fah Me, I Go Tayll Ahm Taynkee. Only a few short weeks ago, I was sitting with my family in a dusty room with faded paint, which could not contain life and hope from radiating inside its walls. It was here, in this [...]

on darkness and sunrise

As with most of us, my heart is full and cannot shake the shocking and overwhelming news of the Newtown shootings last week. Such darkness. So many unanswered questions. And every single day in the news, there are more devastations from around the globe of atrocities my brain cannot quite grasp. And I look around [...]

Japan – listening for the rhythm

Often it occurs during the plane ride as my heart beats with wild expectancy for all that a trip will hold - you don't have to know me well to glean that one of my love languages is most certainly travel and experiencing the world - feeling the unique rhythm intrinsic to each land, pulsing [...]

dress down your pretty faith

Over the past few months, and especially within the last week, a specific theme has been driving the undercurrent of my thoughts, woven in songs and books and class discussions and dialogues with friends... revealing a greater depth through each new medium, yet pulsing with the same beat.  Perhaps Sara Groves (to no surprise) sums [...]

Israel, continued…

It's been a while since I have braved these pages. Upon returning from Israel, I jumped right back into jobs and seminary and to-dos, and time has raced past without me realizing that it has been far too long since the last post! I am finishing processing the trip on these pages, but this particular day [...]

distressing disguise

One of my closest friends and mentors, who also has an affinity for quotes, shared this Mother Teresa quote with me many years ago (emphasis mine)... loving as He loves helping as He helps giving as He gives serving as He serves rescuing as He recues touching Him in His distressing disguise However I didn't [...]