El Roi and Ragamuffins

Sometimes there are truths that do touch you at first, but as they settle into the soil of your soul, they penetrate far beyond what you expected upon first reading or experiencing said truth. Such is the case for me during an in-depth Bible Study on the Patriarchs. So often I have passed over the [...]

distressing disguise

One of my closest friends and mentors, who also has an affinity for quotes, shared this Mother Teresa quote with me many years ago (emphasis mine)... loving as He loves helping as He helps giving as He gives serving as He serves rescuing as He recues touching Him in His distressing disguise However I didn't [...]

Beirut – January 13, 2011

(Realized this post has been sitting in my drafts for months - whoops - haha) I've never been in a race car; however, the sensation must be similar to what we experienced today with Sammy Andretti, as Kimberly has accurately named our dear Sammy πŸ™‚ Although there were a few more near-death experiences while travelling [...]

Our tears can be a release…

Our tears can be a release. What a beautiful picture. That those very tears - the deep cry that comes from your belly and leaves you breathless - that ache that somehow overwhelms what you thought you understood... that that would be a release - not a release to allow those emotions to overwhelm you [...]